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Questions Posed Frequently

I have some papers to be translated. How can I transfer them to you?

By E-mail, fax or by hand.

To what criteria do you define the price of translation?

It is defined according to the language in which translation is made, professional field and the way of deliverance. You will be informed of the price by our coordiantor after it is defined.

Can I be informed of your working hours?

Six days of week (except for Sunday) 08:30-18:00 hours. As well you can access us on Sundays by or

Is there any possibility for you to make discount for us if we work together continually.

For the customers we work together continually a discount may be made in changing rates according to the work volume. We believe that this will be helpful for enhancing our corporate being and our customer capacity.

I have no time for notary approval  procedures. Will I necessarily be present at Notary Office?

Your paper is arranged and be ready for certification of public notary after being translated and controlled and be signed and sealed  by our certified translator. For the papers to be certified by notary the price for certification is paid by customer. Notarial procedures may be performed by us in order to save time for customers.  

Translation rendered by you is incomplete and some passages are skipped. What I have to do for that?

Wrong and incomplete translations are the boogers of which we have to keep clear. For this reason we make a point of employing expert translators in their fields. We deliver translations to customers when we are convinced that they are indefectible. If you think that the translation you had is defectible and uncorrect please let us know right away. The rendered text is controlled again until satisfaction is reached. We would like to clear that this does not mean that we make interpretation for the text. We, as translators, are liable to render the text as in the form we take from you. On the other hand, on demand of customers texts may be controlled in the country that translation is made to its language.

How payments are made, are there any special dates for payment?

Payments are made in the form that is defined with customers or in certain periods. Payments may be made by bank transfers or by hand at delivery.

Do you charge price for translation services in different formats?

A certain price is charged by coordinator for each page as it takes long time as much as translation. The price is defined according to the programe used and estimated time in which the service is made.