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Barış Tercüme gives the following services with a staff composed of Turkish and foreign linguists:

General Translations

Sworn Translations

Translation Service

Private Language Courses

Tour Organizations

Thesis Writing


When we get a translation project we commission translators who are able to render it efficiently. In this case the first thing we give importance is the specialty rating of translation subject. Some texts must be assessed in a large portfolio. For this reason prices of translations change when we consider the things we mentioned above.

Barış Translation Office makes calculations on the basis of 1000 characters. You can also find the characters number by clicking “word counting” at “Tools” menu and have an idea about the price. When you divide the number you found into 1000 you will find how many pages your translation is composed of.

By this calculation you will see one translation page corresponds to 20-22 lines or about to 155 words. Line calculation is generally made in the languages that are rarely used in our cuntry such as Chinese, Japan, Hebrew and Georgian that are also  placed on the Translators Association.